What Repair Services Can A Mobile Mechanic Provide?

Mobile mechanics work out of their van or truck as opposed to working in a typical auto repair shop. They can provide many different services when you need repairs to be done while at work or home. Here are some repair services you can expect to get from a mobile mechanic. 

Change a Flat Tire 

A basic repair service that a mobile mechanic can provide is changing a flat tire. Perhaps you go out to your car in the morning to leave for work, and discover that your tire is flat. By calling up a mobile mechanic, you avoid the extra cost of towing the vehicle to a local tire shop that will change the tire for you. Instead of doing that, you should be able to call up a mobile mechanic who will come out and change it for you. They might even be able to sell you a tire if you don't already have a spare you can use.

Replace Hoses and Plugs

If you only need minor repairs done, such as replacing damaged spark plugs or hoses, you can have a mobile mechanic handle that job for you. This is such a minor repair job, that it might not be worth bringing your car into a local auto repair shop and doing without it for several hours. A mechanic that comes out to your work or home can replace the hoses and plugs quickly and easily. You save saved yourself a trip and might even have saved some money in the process.

Handle Problems With Overheating

You may also find that your car is overheating and you need to have it looked at. Just driving the car to a local mechanic can put it in jeopardy and at risk of more serous engine damage. If the car is overheating, leave it at home or the parking lot where you are located and call up a mobile mechanic. They can come out and take a look, and complete minor repairs if it isn't a major issue. For example, you might just need more water and coolant, or a hose may have come loose. They can perform minor repairs that fix the problem entirely or make it safe enough to drive to your normal mechanic.  

Install New Parts

Some mobile mechanics (such as those from Arizona Fleet Service) will also be able to install new parts in your vehicle. They might be able to come out and install a new battery or change the brake pads. These types of repair services shouldn't take too long, which makes it possible for a mobile mechanic to handle them.