Three Things To Know If You Are Considering Tipping Your Mechanic

When you receive a phone call that it's time to visit your local auto shop and pick up your vehicle after a repair, you might be thinking about making sure you're carrying some extra cash in case you wish to tip. It's important to know that tipping your mechanic isn't something you should feel obligated to do. While many people do indeed tip their mechanics, doing so isn't necessarily expected in the same manner as tipping at a restaurant or beauty salon. However, if you're exceptionally pleased with the condition of your vehicle or feel that the mechanic went above and beyond for you, it's appropriate to give a tip. Here are three things to keep in mind.

Base Your Tipping Amount On The Cost Of The Bill

The amount that is appropriate to tip your auto mechanic isn't based on figuring out a percentage of the bill like at a restaurant, but it's still useful to consider the overall cost of the repair work. If your bill at the auto shop is less than $500, you can think about tipping between $10 and $20. If you're looking at a bill that's greater than $500, however, think about tipping closer to the $50 mark.

Evaluate The Different Factors That Can Influence Your Tip

If your repair bill is less than $500 and you're keeping the guideline of tipping $10 to $20 in mind, it's important to evaluate the factors that can influence the exact tip that you give. For example, if you met with the mechanic when you dropped off your vehicle and he or she made you feel greatly at ease about the work, you might think about tipping generously. Likewise, some people choose to tip if the shop gets the work done ahead of schedule or otherwise shows dedication to treating you well.

You Can Consider Showing Your Thanks In Other Ways

Although you really can't go wrong with giving a cash tip to your mechanic, there are a few others ways that you can show your thanks. Some customers opt to visit the shop in the days that follow picking up their vehicle and give some baked goods to the mechanic. Or, you could consider giving the mechanic a gift card to a local grocery store or coffee shop. Writing a note of thanks is an added thing you can do. In many cases, the shop will display such notes of thanks in the waiting area for other customers to see.

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