Sounds Made By Your Automatic Transmission That Need Immediate Attention

While driving down the road, you may notice that your car is making strange noises and behaving erratically while shifting gears. If so, use the guide below to determine whether or not your vehicle is exhibiting signs that your automatic transmission needs immediate attention from a transmission shop.

Grating Noise And Jumpiness While Shifting Gears

As you accelerate, you may notice a grating noise as your car shifts into a higher gear. Your car may also act jumpy, rapidly vibrating as the transmission engages. If so, the gears themselves may be the issue.

If the gears have become slightly off-centered, the teeth may start to deteriorate. Eventually, they may wear down or break off, causing a misalignment of the gear wheels. Whenever your car tries to shift gears, the teeth that are still present may start to strike one another, making a grating sound caused by the metal grinding together.

If left unchecked, the gears will no longer pull the transmission, making it impossible for your car to change gears smoothly. They may even lock up, making it necessary to replace your transmission.

Whining Sound Along With Inability To Accelerate

While driving in first gear, you may try to accelerate, only to be met with a whining sound while you are unable to go into second gear. This could be indicative of two problems, one of which is simple to fix, while the other requires extensive repairs.

One potential cause of the whining noise is that the transmission belt has become loose or has broken off. When the transmission tries to engage the gears, the belt is either unable to pull the pulleys or is no longer present.

If this is the cause of the problem, the belt simply should be replaced. However, if this is not done as soon as possible, it could wear out the transmission motor because it is having to work harder, resulting in a need for replacement.

The second possible cause of the whining noise is that the transmission's motor has already begun to wear out. If this is the case, your transmission is in danger of seizing up and needs to be taken to a transmission specialist immediately.

If your car is exhibiting any of the above signs, you should have it looked at immediately by a professional. You may want to take it to a transmission shop, explain the problem and discuss with the representative your options for either repairing or replacing it.