3 Simple Car Maintenance Tips That Will Help Save Fuel And Improve Performance

The performance of your car is something that is important and can ensure you have reliable transportation. And proper maintenance can help improve performance, as well as fuel economy. There are some of the common tasks that you need done, such as changing the oil, as well as other tasks that may get neglected and could be affecting your car's performance. Here are some simple car maintenance tips to help ensure your car is always performing at its best and using less fuel:

1. Checking And Changing The Fluids To Maximize Performance

Checking the fluids of your car is something that is very important and should not just be done when you change the oil. It is a good idea to check the fluids whenever you fill your car up. It is also a good idea to keep the tank full to ensure you get better gas mileage and debris does not cause problems. Changing all the fluids is also important, and you will want to change the oil, brake fluid and coolant regularly. You will also want to check and change the transmission fluid occasionally to ensure your car is in good running condition.

2. Keep An Eye On Tire Wear And Pressure To Ensure Performance And Fuel Economy

The condition of your tires can affect fuel economy and performance of your car. Low pressure can cause your car to not handle as well and reduce fuel economy. It is a good idea to keep a pressure gauge in your car to check the tire pressure regularly. This is something that you want to do on a regular basis, such as once per week. You may also want to check the pressure when the temperature changes, which can cause tires to have more or less pressure. Having the correct pressure in tires will also help to get more life out of the treads and reduce wear.

3. Check Filters To Ensure Your Car Has Good Airflow And Better Performance

Your car also includes several filters for the oil, fuel and air. To ensure your car is performing its best, check and clean the filters regularly, especially the air filter. If you have gone on a long drive, live on a dirt road or other conditions that can dirty up the air filter, check it more frequently. If you drive on dirt roads, a cleanable air filter can be a good investment to ensure your filter is always clean.

These are some maintenance tips that will help ensure your car is always performing at its best and using less fuel. If you need to give your car a checkup, take it to an oil change service, such as PDR Automotive Inc, and have them look over your car when you have the fluids changed.