Picking Out The Perfect Camper Or Motor Home For Your Outdoor Getaways

If you enjoy camping and wish to expand your excursions to locations further away from home, you may have considered purchasing a camper or recreational vehicle to make the trip a bit more convenient. There are several types of campers or motor homes available on the market, making it a bit overwhelming to make a selection. Knowing a bit about what each type has to offer can help minimize the anxiety you may feel when you head to a dealer to make a purchase. Here is a quick run down of the options you have available to help you in your decision.

Pop-Up Camper

If you don't mind having a camper without running water or an abundance of amenities, and if you camp alone or with a partner, a pop-up camper may be all you need to be content. This camper will attach to the back of your vehicle with a trailer hitch in a compact state. When you arrive to your destination, you can unlatch the top portion and extend it upwards so your camper is at full height. This will have an area for your sleeping quarters as well as a cooking hot plate in some models. Pop-ups are easy to haul and come in handy for those who want a bit more comfort when resting.

Standard Camper

If you want a bit more in the way of room to relax, a standard-sized camper may be the answer to your accommodation needs. This travel trailer is attached to the back of your vehicle and can be taken off if you wish to leave your camper at the campground instead of hauling it around while you explore. Campers of this type have a few separate areas available for sleeping, making them a great choice for those with children. There is no running water available inside, but you can hook up a travel toilet and dispose of the waste on your own before leaving the campground.

Motor Homes

If you wish for more features, you may be more interested in a motor home. Motor homes are vehicles with the living quarters neatly tucked away behind the driver's cab. These recreational vehicles come in three classes: A, B, or C -- with class A being the most elaborate. Most motor homes have running water and electricity on board as well as full furnishings. Class A and B models will boast electronics, WiFi capabilities, flushing toilets and possibly a remote-controlled, expandable living space.