Three Reasons To Invest In Spray On Bedliners

When it comes to protecting your truck bed, few things do the job as completely as a spray-on bedliner. If you've been considering your options but aren't sure about making the leap to invest, understanding the benefits can help. Here are a few of the reasons why spray-on bedliners are good for your truck.

Keeps Your Cargo Protected

Spray-on bedliners come with a variety of texture options, so you can make a surface that is skid proof. When you haul a lot of stuff, this is beneficial. Not only does it prevent heavier items in the bed from sliding and damaging lighter goods, it also helps to absorb some of the vibration and dissipate it so that your items don't suffer as much vibration damage.

Prevents Chemical Damages

If you don't haul hazardous chemicals on a regular basis, you might not think about chemical damage being a threat to your truck. The truth is, things like engine oil, gasoline, transmission fluid and diesel are all threats to your truck bed's condition. These chemicals can not only eat through the paint on the truck bed, but they can seep into cracks along the edges of the bed. From there, they can soak into the frame and slowly eat away at the metal, destroying the structural integrity of the truck bed itself. A spray-on bedliner prevents this from happening, because it forms a solid bond to the truck bed and even fills in all of the cracks along the sides.

Protects Against Rust Development

Moisture is one of the single biggest threats to a metal truck body because it can cause rust and corrosion. If your truck bed has any scratches in the clearcoat and paint, that exposes the metal to moisture. Whether it's raining or you are washing out your truck, residual moisture left in the truck bed, no matter how unintentional, will lead to rust and corrosion. When a spray-on bedliner is applied, the entire surface is dried completely first so that there's no moisture against the truck bed at all.

Unlike bedliner inserts that leave gaps where moisture, chemicals and small items can get stuck, a spray-on bedliner protects your truck and your cargo from all of these concerns. Having it applied professionally will help ensure that the coating adheres properly. Contact a truck bed liner company, such as X-Treem Automotive & Tinting, to see which one fits your needs and your truck bed best.