How To Fix Your Car’s Automatic Door Lock

With today's modern technology, individuals have become spoiled to all it has to offer. One of those elements includes the automatic door lock. It is frustrating when you are in a hurry or are late for a special event, and the door doesn't lock. However, the manual lock will work. Here are a few suggestions to fix the problem if it happens to you.

Power Source

The most evident reason may be the simplest cure for the problem. Check the key fob to be sure the battery is still good. If you use the fob frequently, it may be the culprit.

The Key Fob

The key fob can be checked by the automobile dealership. A computer can check to see if the unit is still functioning correctly. The keyless entry may need to be replaced if it isn't transmitting the signal.

The Connection

It may be a matter of the door's power not functioning. Try to open and close the driver's door. Some of the newer cars have the 'locked' or 'unlocked' position. Hold the switch in the up or down position and slowly close and open the door several times to see if the lock is working.

If the door lock switch does work, it is probably a wire that is either somewhat broken or completely severed. If that is the case, you or a professional will need to check the entire wiring system for the lock to locate the problem.

Are All Doors Working?

Check to see if the fuses need to be replaced if the other doors aren't working either. It will eliminate removing the door if a fuse is the problem.

Check the solenoid if the other doors are working. A quick diagnosis can be made by a mechanic. At that point, the door panel will need to be removed, and the door lock solenoid can be replaced.

Frozen Locks

A hair dryer or a lighter can eliminate the problem until the lock thaws. You can also try using a lock de-icer. If the lock is still not working, try a spray lubricant using the tube/straw to spray inside the lock unit. This can be purchased at any automotive parts store. It should easily open in a few minutes. If the door is still sticking, try another application of the all-purpose spray.


If your vehicle is under warranty, it is recommended to check with the vehicle's manufacturer before you change the locks on your own. Some warranties may be voided if the work is not done by an authorized dealer.

Always try to start with the easiest method before you pull the car apart. These suggestions should be all you will need to complete the chore. If not, it may be time to call the professionals.Click here to investigate more information about car repair.