Brake Light Burned Out? Learn How To Fix It

Driving around town with a brake light that is out is not only against the law but dangerous as well. Your brake lights are what let drivers know to slow down, and not having working brake lights can unintentionally cause an accident. Thankfully, you can replace a burned out brake light on your own.

Tools And Materials

The only tools you need to get this job done is a screwdriver and a replacement light bulb. A local auto parts store can help you locate the exact kind of light bulb you need based on the make and model of your car.

Remove The Cover

Your brake light will have a cover that needs to be unscrewed from the car. Most cars have these screws accessible from inside the trunk, which involves pulling back the carpeting covering the area behind the brake light. Remove the screws and place them in a secure place so that you don't lose them. You can then pop off the cover from the rear of your car.

Remove The Broken Light And Inspect The Socket

The brake light could require a moderate amount of force to pop the light out of the brake light socket, or it simply screws out. Once the broken light is removed, inspect the socket for potential problems.

It's possible that the socket could have corrosion on it, or it is burnt. In either of these situations, the problem may be a bad socket, and you should not replace the bulb yet. Take your car to a local auto shop, since you may need to have the socket replaced with a new one.

Insert The Brand New Bulb And Reassemble The Cover

If the socket looks good, you should now replace the bulb with a new one by screwing or popping it back into the socket. Place the cover back on the brake light assembly, and secure it in place with the screws. Put the carpet back over the side of your trunk.

Test The Light

It can be difficult to test a brake light on your own, so have a friend help you with this step. Simply turn on the car and press down on the brake. If the light turns on you are good to go.

If the light doesn't work, you could have another problem on your hands that is not as simple to fix. The issue may be with the fuse or electrical wiring. Have a mechanic look at your car to find out what the issue could be, and have it fixed as soon as possible. Companies like Gwizz Auto Group may be able to meet your needs in this area.