Potential Benefits Of Roadside Assistance Insurance

Not everyone realizes the potential benefits of having roadside assistance insurance. It isn't just good for when the car breaks down on the road; there are a number of other potential uses for this type of coverage.

Unlocking the Car

Much as a person may want to avoid the situation, it isn't all that uncommon to accidentally lock the keys in the car. This is even more common in families with kids, as the kids may lock the door without the parents realizing it, sometimes with themselves inside. If there isn't somebody nearby with a spare key, roadside assistance is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem. They'll send a trusted professional to come and unlock the car, often in less than 30 minutes.

Tire Changes

Even people who know how to change a tire don't always want to do it themselves. This isn't necessarily the safest thing to do should a person get a flat at night or on the highway or a narrow road without much of a shoulder. With roadside assistance, it's possible to stay in the safety of the car until help arrives (and then the safety of the vehicle of the roadside assistance professional) and there's no need to get your hands dirty or struggle with an uncooperative tire.

Bringing Gas

Although most people try to avoid it, sometimes a car runs out of gas. If this happens far from the nearest gas station, roadside assistance can be a lifesaver and keep a person from having to walk long distances to get gas and get the car going again. 

Battery Charges

It's not a good feeling to hop in the car, turn the key, and have the car not start. Maybe the lights got left on accidentally or a car door wasn't quite shut and the interior lights were on. The battery may need to be changed, if it's old and worn out, or just need to be charged, but either way, roadside assistance can help. Whoever comes will bring both jumper cables and a new battery so the situation can be resolved either way.


After an accident or should something else be seriously wrong with a car, roadside assistance plans typically offer towing service to the nearest repair shop or to your choice of repair shop within a certain set distance.

Vacation Planning Assistance and Other Benefits

Some types of roadside assistance plans also offer other benefits, such as help with trip planning and discounts at certain retailers. For example, they may provide trip tickets detailing the best route to take on a driving vacation; inform people of gas stations, restaurants and hotels along the route; or give discounts on airfare, hotel stays or nationwide chains of businesses. To learn more, speak with a business like Ski Country Shell & Towing.