Smaller Automotive Jobs That Can Help You Evaluate Your Local Auto Shops

When your vehicle needs major repair work done after a collision, you want to be sure that you visit the right repair shop. However, once you've been in an accident, the last thing you might want to do is begin the process of looking up various shops in your city and contacting each with a series of questions. At this high-stress time, it's better to know of a reliable shop that you've already checked out. To this end, the next time you need a small job done on your vehicle, take it to a local auto shop -- and for another job, take the vehicle to another shop. This process can help you find the shop that works best for you, which will ease your stress if you're ever in an accident. Here are some smaller jobs to get done.

Oil Change

An oil change is a maintenance task that you need to perform multiple times per year, which means that if you visit a different shop each time, you'll quickly be able to compare a few shops to note how they treat you. Although there are many specific oil change centers, many repair shops will also do this work for you. Note factors such as how quickly you can schedule your appointment, whether the shop's schedule is running on time and the general conscientiousness of the mechanics you deal with. For an oil change, look for mechanics who will also check your various fluid levels, tire conditions and more.

Tire Work

There are many different tire-related tasks that you can schedule at various auto shops throughout your city to evaluate them. If the winter is approaching, you can schedule a visit to buy winter tires and have them mounted. Otherwise, you can always think about having your tires rotated or balanced. If you're buying winter tires, for example, evaluate how the shop representative discusses various pricing options with you -- this will be handy if you're in an accident and have to discuss the cost of the repair job. Where the tires are concerned, you want a shop that will talk about budget-friendly choices as well as higher-end tires for you to consider.

Brake Job

A brake job will increase your safety while driving and serves as an effective way to evaluate a shop's approach to customer service. Notice if the shop representative discusses the condition of your brake pads and rotors; this shows a desire to keep the customer informed. You can also consider the degree to which the rep provides details about various models of replacement brakes so that your budget it met.

Shops like Accurate Auto Body often offer a variety of services. Call before you go in to make sure the shop you're considering using offers the services you need.