How To Touch Up Car Paint Chips

Small chips in your car paint are unfortunate and inevitable. They might seem harmless at first, especially when they are hardly noticeable. However, they can eventually become problematic if left unattended. Chips over the metal parts of your car can obviously lead to rusting if water is reaching the metal and causing corrosion. The key is to immediately repair even the smallest paint chips as soon as you notice them. The longer you wait, the more expensive and time consuming the job can be. This article explains how to patch small paint chips (smaller than the tip of a finger) and touch up the paint.

Basic Supply List

  • 1000 grit auto sandpaper
  • 3000 grit auto sandpaper
  • Auto painter's tape
  • Touch up paint

Most of these supplies can be bought at a normal auto parts store. In fact, the two different types of sandpaper might even be sold in a combo pack. You can usually find generic brand paint touch up cans at the auto part stores too. However, it might be worth getting a factory replacement from a dealership so you know that your paint will match perfectly. Also, for small holes, you don't need to use auto body filler (hence, it is not on this list), because it is unnecessary.

Sanding and Applying the Paint

The first step is to use the rougher, 1000 grit sandpaper. Auto sandpaper is wet sandpaper, meaning it needs to be soaked in water before usage. You will notice that the paper is even smoother when it is wet. It is used to lightly scuff up the chipped area. Just a little bit of sanding will prepare the surface for painting and make it the paint stick much better.

Now, you need to get out the replacement paint. Touch up paint cans are sold with tiny brushes. They are often even built into the lid for easier usage. Paint sparingly. It is better to apply a couple of thin coats than to apply one thick coat of paint.

Finally, you need to finish off the job by sanding down the new paint with the 3000 grit sandpaper. This paper is so smooth that it will barely feel abrasive, especially when wet. Just sand over the painted part until the paint is perfectly flat and even with the car body.

This job is so simple that it often seems unimportant. But, fixing small paint chips ASAP will save you time in the long run. Furthermore, having these tools will allow you to make running repairs with ease.

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