Sending Some Cars To Auction? Three Ways To Get The Cars There Safely

If you have spent a lot of time and money on collecting cars and then suddenly find yourself in need of cash, you can always send some of the vehicles in your collection to auction. Depending on how far away the auto auction house is, you have a few different ways to get your vehicles there. Here are three ways to transport your cars to auction and what each way entails.

Personally Driving Each Vehicle to the Auction House

If you are the type of person that wants complete control over the safe delivery of your vehicles, then you may want to personally drive each vehicle that you are selling to the auction house. It gives you one last opportunity to drive each vehicle and say your goodbyes while also making sure nothing dents, scratches or dings the vehicles before they get to auction. (Sometimes even the smallest scratch can cause the price of a vehicle to drop at auction, and that would not help you with your financial issues.) Be sure you have a partner or friend drive another vehicle there so that you have a return ride home.

Renting and Driving a Flatbed Truck/ Hiring a Shipping Company

Another option, and one that allows you to move more than one car per trip, is renting and driving a flatbed truck. You can fit up to two classic cars (because most of them were massive in size) or three compact or subcompact cars when you use a long flatbed. You can also hire a shipping company that uses flatbed trucks to transport large items anywhere people want the items to go.

If you rent the truck and drive it yourself, you will need someone to help you load and secure your vehicles on the flatbed, but you will not need a ride back since you are driving the truck back to the rental station. If you hire a shipping company to manage everything, then you do not need to go anywhere or find a way back. You do not need to get help loading the vehicles either because most shipping companies will do that for you.

Hiring an Automotive Company Driver and Using a Car Hauler

If you have more than three vehicles of any size that you are sending to auction, and you are not too concerned about anything marring them on the way, then you could hire an automotive company driver and use a car hauler. Car haulers can load and haul several cars all at once, depending on the size of the vehicles. If you know you will be sending four or more of your vehicles to sell, this may be the best option because the car hauler will securely transport all of the vehicles all at once, load and unload the vehicles for you and regularly check on the vehicles during transport while providing you with updates if the vehicles are going any great distance.