Tips For Choosing The Best Decking For Your Trailer

When shopping for a utility trailer, the decking is one of the components that you have to choose. You have three main options: wood, aluminum, or steel. Each has benefits and concerns that you need to know to make an educated decision. The following guide can help you out.

Wood decks

Wood decks used to be the stand-by for trailers. This is because it offers many advantages, including those listed here:

  • It can't rust or corrode.
  • It is naturally slip resistant.
  • Repairs are simple to complete on your own.
  • You can anchor items down with screws or bolts easily.
  • It is lighter than steel, although heavier than aluminum.

There are some disadvantages, too:

  • It needs to be sealed regularly to prevent rot and stains from leaking fluid.
  • It can be damaged, which includes cracks and warping.

Generally, wood decks are the best choice if you have the time to seal them regularly or if you prefer to have the ability to make your own repairs or customizations. They also work well if you need a lighter trailer but don't want aluminum. However, kip wood if you plan to haul wet or moist items often, such as leaky car engines or yard debris.

Aluminum decks

Aluminum also has its supporters, and for good reason. Its advantages include the following:

  • It is durable and rust resistant.
  • It's light weight, so it's suitable if you need to lower your load weight.
  • The tongue and groove style decking is slip resistant.
  • It doesn't need any regular maintenance.

It's main disadvantages include the following:

  • Pitting can occur from chemical exposure, such as from road salts.
  • You must use the installed tie-downs because its difficult to customize.

Opt for aluminum if you want a lightweight and easy-to-clean surface. Aluminum trailers are great if you are hauling messier items, like garbage or leaking cars. Just remember to hose them off after use.

Steel decks

Steel decks are the work horses of the trailer decking world. Their advantages include the following:

  • They are extremely durable and not prone to external damage.
  • They're available in both smooth and checked, in case you need a slip resistant surface.
  • The steel is easily modifiable by a skilled welder.
  • They are relatively low maintenance.

There are also some disadvantages:

  • Steel can rust if it is not kept painted.
  • These trailers are heavier, so you may need more vehicle towing capacity.

Steel is a good choice if you haul heavy, bulky items that could easily damage a wood or aluminum deck. They are also an excellent choice if you need a heavily modified trailer for specialist hauling. Talk to a trailer showroom today or other companies that offer utility trailers for sale in the area to find the best trailer for your needs.